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Language is essential for expressing ideas, opinions, views, emotions etc. It is an effective means to effective leadership. One of the essential qualities of an effective leader is the command over oral ability in the language of communication. In other words effective oral communication is a key to successful leadership.
English is the most common medium in the Indian education scenario. Job interviews, without exceptions, are carried out in English. If one's and one's boss's languages differ, their common language will often be English. Although the United Nations and its various agencies have more than one language for transaction, more often than not, English comes to be chosen as the preferred language of communication between the participating member-nations. In this milieu, it is time to put away our post-colonial indignation and get into the right track of learning effective language skills.
S.G.R. Language Lab System consists of a teacher console and a student console. The teacher console is provided with the control functions and the student console is provided with the facility to receive recorded lessons and to listen to the lessons and pronunciations. The console also has the facility to record and replay the student's own recording.
The student is able to listen, repeat and compare the pronunciation. The lessons follow the 'rote method' which is highly acclaimed as the most effective teaching me

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